Hydraulic Pilot Operated, Solenoid Controlled, Manual Valves, Manifolds


HYSTAR ..  offers a solution for hydraulic control systems for the new and after markets, with a wide range of high quality products and an excellent customer service throughout a well-established worldwide distribution network.Their commitment to a continuous improvement of quality standards is achieved by manufacturing HYSTAR products in accordance with a strict quality control standard and rigorous testing. Serving the customer efficiently and quickly is our priority.



Monoblock, sectional and load-sensing control valves

Pre-compensated and post-compensated control valves

Gear and piston pumps and motors, cast iron and aluminum

Solenoid directional control valves with subplates and manifolds

AC/DC power units

Diverters and gear flow dividers

In-line valves and SAE cavity cartridge val


Speed increasers and reducers

Heat exchangers and hydropneumatic accumulators

Pump drives