HUSKIE - Power to Weight Ratio
Precision components provide high efficiency and longer service life. Pound for pound, Huskie hammers provide more power and blows per minute than any other hammer on the market.
True Hydraulic Operating Cycle
No high pressure (350-600 psi/42 - 49 bar) accumulator charge. Huskie features a "gas assist" cycle, using the hydraulic system to provide most of the firing power.
HUSKIE - Low Recoil
A large amount of hammer recoil occurs on the "rebound" or cocking stroke. The low-pressure nitrogen charge cushions recoil, thus protecting the carrier.
HUSKIE - Minimum Surge
Our efficient, fully hydraulic design protects the carrier hydraulic circuit from damage.
HUSKIE - Slim and Compact
The narrow, rectangular shape works in the tough spots other hammers can't reach like tight trenches or crowded demolition sites.
HUSKIE - Variable Speed
Larger Huskie hammers (HH2000 - HH8000) offer two levels of blow energy and frequency; high speed/less energy for lighter applications such as concrete flat work and a lower speed / maximum power mode for applications like secondary reduction in quarries or trench rock removal.
HUSKIE - Unmatched Versatility
The HH150 through HH1000 can be ordered with "Multi Fit" side plates. Move on hammer between your skid-steer loader, mini-excavator or loader backhoe in some cases.
HUSKIE - Two moving parts
Our unique design features only two moving parts. With fewer parts, Huskie hammers are field serviceable without special tools.


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Salem Hydraulics is an authorized distributor for "HUSKIE HAMMERS", offering Breakers from 150 ft. lbs. to 8000 ft. lbs. to fit all types of excavating equipment.

Huskie Hydraulic Breaker service and repair

Huskie Hydraulic HammersIt's a simple equation: the fewer the parts in your hammer, the less chance there is for it to fail. With only two moving parts, problems are simple to diagnose, and Huskie's unique modular design makes them easy to repair.

For dependable performance, the Huskie hammer's internal hydraulic system has been engineered to provide most of the firing power. There's no need for high-pressure accumulator charges found on other, more complicated hammers. Huskie's low-pressure nitrogen charge keeps recoil to a minimum, protecting the carrier from vibration.

You'll discover just how simple it is to install a Huskie hammer. It efficiently uses your hydraulic system and can be adapted to a wide variety of carriers. Field proven on the toughest job sites, a Huskie hammer offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry.

SHC is an authorized distributor for HUSKIE Hammers


SHC offers repair, service, and remanufacturing for Allied breakers.

SHC offers repair, service, and remanufacturing for TRAMAC breakers.

NPK Hydraulic Breaker Service and Repair

SHC offers repair, service, and remanufacturing for NPK breakers.
NPK Hydraulic Hammer




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